Sunday, 27 March 2011

Some Points To Help You Cope Through Whiplash Pain

A whiplash injury can be obtained from a car crash accident or any rear-end collision. This may only manifest itself as a mild back or neck pain but in the long run, it can progress into something worse. You would be very lucky if you experience this injury for a short period of time. With the mild symptoms dominating, there are simple solutions that could help alleviate the pain that is brought about by whiplash. One is applying an ice pack right after the symptoms of the injury is felt. This is effective in reducing the inflammation that comes with tearing of your neck ligaments during a whiplash episode, thus reducing the pain or promoting numbness. You might want to put this on for about ten to thirty minutes. Also you must try to exercise and move your neck regularly with the guidance of your physical therapist so as not to stiffen your neck up. If the pain becomes unbearable, take Tylenol or any paracetamol-based drug that are also commonly known as painkillers. These medications are advised by doctors to be taken regularly not just when the pain occurs. It is important to ask advice from your physician because some painkillers may have adverse effects that may interact with your current condition. It may be also advised by your physician to go through other therapies like corticosteroids, physiotherapy and osteopathy. For you to cope with all the necessary medical treatments, whiplash claims are made to help you. If you make that whiplash claim you are then claiming for your whiplash compensation which would, in return help you with your present and future medical expenses.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

One More Reason To Make A Whiplash Claim

The case of Mr. Michael Ross, 46 years old from Carlisle, who is a local government response driver for AMEY clearly exhibits what could happen when negligence of your vehicle’s functioning turns into something worse, maybe even potentially deadly.
On June 2009, Mr. Michael Ross has requested a check up on his van a couple of times from his employer because he felt that there was definitely something wrong the brakes. However, time and time again his employer said everything was fine until one day when the brakes stopped working which left Mr. Ross at a problematic situation. In the end, he crashed into the back of another car and later on started to feel symptoms of a whiplash injury like neck and back pain. After that Mr. Ross had the van checked by the company fitter and it was found out that two of the discs had completely seized which made this the cause of the accident. Since this accident was clearly not his fault and was due to the faulty equipment his employer had, he had the legal right to make a whiplash claim against his employer. In consequence, Mr. Ross was able to receive a whiplash compensation of five thousand pounds because of his whiplash injury.
An accident such as this is deeply traumatic especially if people actually got hurt due to your vehicle malfunctioning. If you have a whiplash injury or you are suspecting on having one, don’t hesitate to have a medical check-up and think about making a whiplash claim. This claim, in the end, could grant you thousands of pounds as compensation for your injury, medical expenses and financial loss because of your absence in your work. 

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The University of Alberta Releases Information On How To Recover From Whiplash Faster

Thousands of people, according to statistics, get into car accidents every day and since whiplash is very common as a consequence of car crash accidents it is then presumed that also thousands of people have whiplash injury. Everybody knows that having an injury such as whiplash is distressing which could leave you depressed and hopeless at the same time. But, a research done by members of the University of Alberta found out that you should not let these negative emotions dominate during your recovery. The research found out that those people with whiplash injuries who had positive outlook with their respective recoveries would recover over three times faster than those who did not. Another study done by a another colleague from the University of Alberta gathered the finding that those people who are positively eager to go back to work also had a 42% faster chance of recovering than those who had negative outlook with their recovery. Also, Lena Holm, a Swedish researcher working at the University at that time of the research had the finding that the study participants in Sweden who had low to very low expectations of a holistic recovery were four times more likely to feel the symptoms of a whiplash injury six months later. Having and exuding positive emotions during the entire length of your recovery would actually make your entire recovery hasty and it shortens your suffering. Making a whiplash claim would also contribute to your positive outlook and your whiplash compensation would also help you off with your medical expenses and absence at work which gives you a tremendous amount of help and spares you from worrying as much.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Nothing Beats A Thorough Assessment

Chiropractors and medical doctors have been looking for answers of questions about the whiplash injury for quite some time now. It’s because there are so many unknown facts about the whiplash injury, even its mechanism has been a long debate among them. However it was recently found out that whiplash injuries can now be thoroughly assessed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI by the Cervical Spine Research Society. This will be useful in assessing ligaments and membranes in the upper cervical spine and will grade the injury according to its severity. Furthermore, structural changes in the neck can be assessed by the MRI and can be graded with utmost reliability. A whiplash injury may present itself as a simple neck or back pain initially but it has the indefinite potential to become chronic or permanent which would not only disrupt your work but also your life. The symptoms of this injury can be felt 48 to 72 hours after getting into a car accident. The pain may present itself as an inflammation and bruising to the soft tissues that surround the neck. Some may only suffer from its symptoms in just a couple of weeks, others a little longer and the unfortunate ones who did not submit themselves for a medical check up and treatment could have whiplash as a chronic condition. Before the worse symptoms occur, you better make a whiplash claim as soon as possible and claim your whiplash compensation to help you out with your medical treatments required now and in the future. Make that choice and make you whiplash compensation claim.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Scam That Denies Safe Driving

Millions of whiplash claims all over the world are made every year, an estimated 3 million car accidents also happen in a year. It seems that the whiplash injury has been popular these days and you cannot resist but take this opportunity. Some law firms have a specialization in whiplash claims, car insurance companies give out whiplash compensation and others well, they’re just there to make your situation worse.  A whiplash scam which was found out since 2005 and was thought to originate from the North West is running until today with similar cases in West Yorkshire. Basically the result of this scam puts you at the position of being the liable person for the car crash accident when in truth, you are the victim. Their operation goes like this:  while you are driving steady on you suddenly bump into the car right in front of you and his brake lights are not even turning red. The people behind this scam use old cars and disconnects the brake from the brake lights, so if he suddenly pushes down the brake pedal, you wouldn’t notice him stopping resulting to a rear-end collision. Immediately following the normal proceedings, they will in some way get evidences that they have a whiplash injury and make a whiplash claim for compensation.  As a result, a whiplash compensation will be given to them by the insurance company usually amounting to 20,000 to 30,000 pounds. So if you ever get into a situation like this, don’t be fooled. Have the police investigate the case further and also fight for what you believe is right. 

Is Whiplash Real?

A few years back there has been debate over the issue of the whiplash injury, is it real is it just a way for people to get money from the car insurance companies? Car insurance companies were very much sceptical of this issue since if the whiplash injury was proven to be real, then this would mean million of payouts for whiplash compensation would be rendered every year. However, the University of Tsukuba and Yale University have verified the existence of this injury and the research team of both Panjabi and Kaneoka have patterned out the exact mechanism of how the whiplash injury occurs.

Thousands of people get into car accidents every day and most of them already have a whiplash injury. Whiplash injuries are so common because they can occur at a very low speed of 12 mph and it occurs fifteen times more if the person is totally unaware of that fact that he is about to get into a rear-end collision. These rear-end collision are also equally common because these involve a simple inattention of a person driving down the road. These people who have a whiplash injury may have talked about making a whiplash claim to their respective lawyers. A whiplash claim can be helpful especially if you are quite tight on your budget and your living is enough for your everyday needs, provided that there is another person at fault and you gave sufficient evidence to prove that you are the victim of the accident

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Saab and Volvo: The Pioneers of Whiplash Prevention

Having a whiplash injury could disturb and ruin your whole day because of the neck pain you are suffering. Also it does not only make you physically suffer but also it can cause a financial setback because of your absence from your job while you are still recovering. If you are starting to feel symptoms of a whiplash injury rand you have just been through a car crash accident, the logical thing for you to do at this point is to make a whiplash compensation claim. Whiplash claims have been considerably popular nowadays considering that thousands of people everyday get into car accidents. When you make this whiplash claim, it is important that another person is liable for accident or another person’s negligence or recklessness caused that rear-end collision in this way your insurance company will give you a higher chance of getting your compensation since you’re the one with the most damages. Also, you’ll need sufficient evidence to prove your claim before the court, evidences like photographs of the accident, your damaged car or your injuries would be good and also a medical certificate stating that you are really suffering from physical injuries due to the accident. If, however, you are concerned about preventing a whiplash injury from occurring, then it is most beneficial for you to know that car companies Saab and Volvo are the leading pioneers in making cars that have features that lowers or even prevents the risk of you getting a whiplash injury during car crash accidents or rear-end collisions. This would be a good investment for your safety while driving and most importantly, your future.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What To Do After A Car Accident

Car accidents happen to thousands of people everyday all over the world. It is not unusual that when you turn a corner on the street you’ll see a car accident happening or occur. Physical injuries are also no stranger to car accidents, even the worse and fatal ones happen during this tragic event. According to statistics, car accidents are mostly caused by human error, negligence and recklessness goes up the list first. Since whiplash injuries are most of the time caused by rear-end collisions, a nudge to your rear bumper is expected. However whiplash injuries can occur at the slightest speed, an average of 12mph could already cause you this injury with just a light scratch to your bumper. So really, it doesn’t mean that if your car is not damaged, you’re not hurt at all.  If ever you feel any type of discomfort right after the accident, you must notify your doctor, a simple pain in your neck could be a whiplash injury already. If you are diagnosed with it then you must think about making a whiplash claim.  So, right after your accident, you must call the liable person’s and your car insurance company and tell them you just got into an accident. You can even take pictures of the damage to your car and also your physical injuries. That way, there will be sufficient evidence supporting your claim. Your whiplash compensation would then be able to cover your present and future medical expenses and compensate for your absence in your job which might have lost you a few hundred pounds.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Whiplash Injuries: A Popular Topic Among Law Firms

You may feel really lucky having been through a car accident and still remain safe and sound. Rear-end collision crashes are famously associated with whiplash injuries and these injuries do not treat its victims nicely. Ever wonder why whiplash injuries are so publicized these days? Not to mention its credible solution, whiplash claims. What does it mean to make a whiplash compensation claim?  Whiplash injuries are well known because they are very common all over the world and they are obtained from a simple bump in the rear end of your car. Whiplash claims are advertised in law firms because lawyers who will be appointed to whiplash cases can earn money from it, not directly from its clients but from the whiplash compensation that the insurance company will issue in the end. Majority of these law firms work under the no win no fee solution, meaning you don’t have to pay your lawyer when you make that claim and if your claim will be denied. If that compensation will be granted to you by the court, then that’s the time that a percentage of your whiplash compensation will be given to your lawyer as a fee. Smart, right? If you are experiencing the early effects of whiplash injury now then it is suggested you make your whiplash compensation claim as early as today. This is your future in your hands, after all. This is your choice to make a difference to your future rather than leave it as is and suffer the consequences then. Regrets are always at the end. Don’t allow yourself to regret not making that claim.