Thursday, 10 March 2011

Is Whiplash Real?

A few years back there has been debate over the issue of the whiplash injury, is it real is it just a way for people to get money from the car insurance companies? Car insurance companies were very much sceptical of this issue since if the whiplash injury was proven to be real, then this would mean million of payouts for whiplash compensation would be rendered every year. However, the University of Tsukuba and Yale University have verified the existence of this injury and the research team of both Panjabi and Kaneoka have patterned out the exact mechanism of how the whiplash injury occurs.

Thousands of people get into car accidents every day and most of them already have a whiplash injury. Whiplash injuries are so common because they can occur at a very low speed of 12 mph and it occurs fifteen times more if the person is totally unaware of that fact that he is about to get into a rear-end collision. These rear-end collision are also equally common because these involve a simple inattention of a person driving down the road. These people who have a whiplash injury may have talked about making a whiplash claim to their respective lawyers. A whiplash claim can be helpful especially if you are quite tight on your budget and your living is enough for your everyday needs, provided that there is another person at fault and you gave sufficient evidence to prove that you are the victim of the accident

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