Sunday, 27 March 2011

Some Points To Help You Cope Through Whiplash Pain

A whiplash injury can be obtained from a car crash accident or any rear-end collision. This may only manifest itself as a mild back or neck pain but in the long run, it can progress into something worse. You would be very lucky if you experience this injury for a short period of time. With the mild symptoms dominating, there are simple solutions that could help alleviate the pain that is brought about by whiplash. One is applying an ice pack right after the symptoms of the injury is felt. This is effective in reducing the inflammation that comes with tearing of your neck ligaments during a whiplash episode, thus reducing the pain or promoting numbness. You might want to put this on for about ten to thirty minutes. Also you must try to exercise and move your neck regularly with the guidance of your physical therapist so as not to stiffen your neck up. If the pain becomes unbearable, take Tylenol or any paracetamol-based drug that are also commonly known as painkillers. These medications are advised by doctors to be taken regularly not just when the pain occurs. It is important to ask advice from your physician because some painkillers may have adverse effects that may interact with your current condition. It may be also advised by your physician to go through other therapies like corticosteroids, physiotherapy and osteopathy. For you to cope with all the necessary medical treatments, whiplash claims are made to help you. If you make that whiplash claim you are then claiming for your whiplash compensation which would, in return help you with your present and future medical expenses.

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