Saturday, 19 March 2011

The University of Alberta Releases Information On How To Recover From Whiplash Faster

Thousands of people, according to statistics, get into car accidents every day and since whiplash is very common as a consequence of car crash accidents it is then presumed that also thousands of people have whiplash injury. Everybody knows that having an injury such as whiplash is distressing which could leave you depressed and hopeless at the same time. But, a research done by members of the University of Alberta found out that you should not let these negative emotions dominate during your recovery. The research found out that those people with whiplash injuries who had positive outlook with their respective recoveries would recover over three times faster than those who did not. Another study done by a another colleague from the University of Alberta gathered the finding that those people who are positively eager to go back to work also had a 42% faster chance of recovering than those who had negative outlook with their recovery. Also, Lena Holm, a Swedish researcher working at the University at that time of the research had the finding that the study participants in Sweden who had low to very low expectations of a holistic recovery were four times more likely to feel the symptoms of a whiplash injury six months later. Having and exuding positive emotions during the entire length of your recovery would actually make your entire recovery hasty and it shortens your suffering. Making a whiplash claim would also contribute to your positive outlook and your whiplash compensation would also help you off with your medical expenses and absence at work which gives you a tremendous amount of help and spares you from worrying as much.

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