Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What To Do After A Car Accident

Car accidents happen to thousands of people everyday all over the world. It is not unusual that when you turn a corner on the street you’ll see a car accident happening or occur. Physical injuries are also no stranger to car accidents, even the worse and fatal ones happen during this tragic event. According to statistics, car accidents are mostly caused by human error, negligence and recklessness goes up the list first. Since whiplash injuries are most of the time caused by rear-end collisions, a nudge to your rear bumper is expected. However whiplash injuries can occur at the slightest speed, an average of 12mph could already cause you this injury with just a light scratch to your bumper. So really, it doesn’t mean that if your car is not damaged, you’re not hurt at all.  If ever you feel any type of discomfort right after the accident, you must notify your doctor, a simple pain in your neck could be a whiplash injury already. If you are diagnosed with it then you must think about making a whiplash claim.  So, right after your accident, you must call the liable person’s and your car insurance company and tell them you just got into an accident. You can even take pictures of the damage to your car and also your physical injuries. That way, there will be sufficient evidence supporting your claim. Your whiplash compensation would then be able to cover your present and future medical expenses and compensate for your absence in your job which might have lost you a few hundred pounds.

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