Monday, 14 March 2011

Nothing Beats A Thorough Assessment

Chiropractors and medical doctors have been looking for answers of questions about the whiplash injury for quite some time now. It’s because there are so many unknown facts about the whiplash injury, even its mechanism has been a long debate among them. However it was recently found out that whiplash injuries can now be thoroughly assessed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI by the Cervical Spine Research Society. This will be useful in assessing ligaments and membranes in the upper cervical spine and will grade the injury according to its severity. Furthermore, structural changes in the neck can be assessed by the MRI and can be graded with utmost reliability. A whiplash injury may present itself as a simple neck or back pain initially but it has the indefinite potential to become chronic or permanent which would not only disrupt your work but also your life. The symptoms of this injury can be felt 48 to 72 hours after getting into a car accident. The pain may present itself as an inflammation and bruising to the soft tissues that surround the neck. Some may only suffer from its symptoms in just a couple of weeks, others a little longer and the unfortunate ones who did not submit themselves for a medical check up and treatment could have whiplash as a chronic condition. Before the worse symptoms occur, you better make a whiplash claim as soon as possible and claim your whiplash compensation to help you out with your medical treatments required now and in the future. Make that choice and make you whiplash compensation claim.

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